Abstract Nowadays. the reduction of land housing makes most of Indonesian people have a minimalist house. In addition, the use of minimalist home and kitchen become more popular. Minimalist kitchen equipment is using minimalist equipment size which can comply the needs in the kitchen, so it also takes a multifunction equipments. TRIPLEM is a multifinictional table that answers all the problems. TRIPLEM has two types. As a dining table, TRIPLEM-A also has a range of facilities including the kitchen sink complete with boxes of laundry soap, while TRIPLEM-B has stove, storage facilities and a place dispensing food. Both types have a plate and glass racks, storage racks, and bins. TRIPLEM design begins with the collection of data about the standard size of a dining table and minimalist kitchen. the Read the rest of this entry »

ABSTRACT. Human capital is perceived as the most important factor in the advancement of nation. Therefore, character development as one of the key elements to create competitive human capital must be positioned as an integrated part in education system. This research aimed to analyze the main factors that influence undergraduate student’s character development. The study was conducted at Bogor Agricultural University from June through November 2012 with the involvement of 1002 active students. The total sample was determined by using Slovin formula, while the sample selection was carried out with quota sampling technique. The results indicated that most of samples were categorized to have good character. It means that samples had knowing the good, loving or desiring the good, and acting the good. Further analysis showed that undergraduate student’s character was significantly influenced by gender, personality type, lecturer deliver moral message in class, students participate in dorm activities, training for student’s management skills, character education training held by Directorate of Student Affairs IPB, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient program, and students received scholarship resulted into a better character level. This study was seen valuable for the decision makers in education institutions and others policy maker to design appropriate mechanism to improve character students.

 Key words:  Academic, Activities, Character, Non-Academic, Student.

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Abstrak : Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis perbedaan antara persepsi, preferensi, dan niat beli berdasarkan perlakuan dan jenis kelamin; pengaruh persepsi, preferensi, dan pengalaman konsumsi terhadap niat beli anak; serta pengaruh perlakuan dan jenis kelamin terhadap persepsi, preferensi, dan niat beli anak pada produk makanan ringan. Penelitian ini menggunakan disain percobaan faktorial dengan dua peubah yaitu perlakuan (perlakuan 1 (P1): paparan iklan diikuti uji konsumen, perlakuan 2 (P2): uji konsumen diikuti paparan iklan) dan jenis kelamin (laki-laki dan perempuan). Penelitian ini melibatkan 60 anak usia sekolah yang dipilih secara acak. Uji beda t-test menunjukkan bahwa persepsi anak berbeda signifikan berdasarkan jenis kelamin pada perlakuan 1 dan antarperlakuan. Analisis regresi linear berganda menunjukkan bahwa persepsi, preferensi, dan pengalaman konsumsi berpengaruh signifikan terhadap niat beli anak. Analisis Two-Way ANOVA juga menunjukkan bahwa persepsi dipengaruhi signifikan oleh jenis kelamin dan interaksi antara jenis kelamin dan perlakuan.

Kata kunci: niat beli, paparan iklan, persepsi, preferensi, uji konsumen

Ujang Sumarwan, Megawati Simanjuntak, Yurita

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Abstrak : Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pengaruh motivasi pesan dan cara penyajian buklet terhadap persepsi dan pengetahuan siswa sekolah dasar tentang jajanan sehat. Penelitian melibatkan 77 siswa kelas V sekolah dasar yang diambil secara acak sederhana. Penelitian ini menggunakan disain eksperimental faktorial 2 (motivasi pesan:pesan positif dan pesan negatif) x 2 (cara penyajian buklet: tanpa dan disertai penjelasan). Hasil menunjukkan bahwa motivasi pesan dan cara penyajian buklet dalam penelitian ini tidak memiliki pengaruh yang nyata terhadap persepsi dan pengetahuan siswa tentang jajanan sehat. Namun hasil penelitian menunjukkan adanya indikasi bahwa kombinasi buklet dengan pesan positif dan disajikan tanpa penjelasan lebih mampu meningkatkan persepsi siswa tentang jajanan sehat. Sebaliknya, kombinasi buklet dan pesan negatif dan disertai penjelasan lebih mampu meningkatkan pengetahuan siswa tentang jajanan sehat.

Kata kunci : buklet, motivasi, pengetahuan, persepsi pesan, jajanan

Moh. Djemdjem Djamaludin, Megawati Simanjuntak, Nur Rochimah

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ABSTRACT. Cash Conditional Transfer (PKH) is one of the government’s efforts to reduce poverty and to improve the quality of human resources in poor communities through the provision of conditional subsidies. The purpose of this study were to identify characteristics of demographic, social, and economics of PKH recipient families and to analyze the differences of economics characteristics between pre and during families get PKH funds. This study applied a combination of cross-sectional and retrospective designs. Data collection located in eight villages in Dramaga District, Bogor Regency from March to December 2009. The samples were the wives from the families who received PKH as many as 150 people determined randomly by systematic methods. Statistical Read the rest of this entry »

ABSTRACT. Globalization that develops in line with development of science and technology such as film, soap opera, and music do not only give positive influence but also have brought negative influence for Indonesian people who still extremely hold norms especially religion norm. The aimed of this research was to analyze the perception about interaction of opposite gender of college students. This research used cross sectional study design. The research was done in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Bogor. Respondents of this research were 146 students of undergraduate of 2nd and 3rd grade in the year 2008, consist of 43 men and 103 women. Almost all of respondents had conservative perception about interaction of opposite gender. The study found significant correlation between: (1) respondents perception about interaction of opposite gender with type of gender, cumulative achievement index, trait and personality, (2) interaction of opposite gender respondents’ behaviour with type of gender, trait and personality, monthly pocket money, and respondents’ perception about interaction of opposite gender. Multiple regression analysis showed that type of gender and trait and personality variables had significant effect on perception of interaction of opposite gender.

Key words: college students, life goal, opposite gender, perception, trait and Personality

Monika Yuliantin, Herien Puspitawati, Megawati Simanjuntak

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ABSTRACT. Family function as a system is very urged by what to be the aims of life and ownership of resources. Family’s aims can be reached when resources available. Satisfaction level on family’s resources ownership is influenced by family’s values. The aimed of this research were to identify the ownership of resources of low income family and to analyze the satisfaction level on resources ownership by low income family. This research was a cross sectional study in thirty poor families that lived in urban area. In low income family, resources ownership (especially physical resources) is limited. Average of income per capita per month was Rp 78.492,00. Income was used only for daily food consumption, just enough “to eat” and not considering family nutrient requirement aspects. Because of this Read the rest of this entry »

ABSTRACT. The objectives of this research were to analyze the expenses pattern, perception, and satisfaction level of families among fuel conversion. This research was conducted in two villages, namely Cikarawang Village and Setu Gede Village, District of Bogor on October 2008. Total sample were 30 households consisted of fifteen samples in each village that chosen purposively. The average of expenses of families per month for buying fuel, after the fuel conversion program had been conducted tend to decreased from IDR 96.500,00 per month to IDR 58.800,00 per month after the program or saved the family expenses for IDR 37.700,00 per month. Most of respondents stated agreed that conversion program could decreased the family expenses. The gas gave more advantage compared to kerosene, accepted gas as replacement of kerosene, and there was no force in conducting the conversion program. The satisfaction level showed that, respondents felt saver using kerosene and viewed from the cost to buy fuel, few respondents felt heavy for the gas price. Otherwise, the using of LPG was felt more efisien in time, cleaner, and more practice than kerosene.

Key words: expenses, kerosene, LPG, perception, satisfaction

Megawati Simanjuntak, Rani Andriani Budi Kusumo,Mohammad Nasarullah

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ABSTRACT. Consumer is the determinant factor for the quality of services. Students as the one of stakeholders of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) needed to be given the best services. The aimed of this research were to analyze students satisfaction on academic performance in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) as well as the strategy to improve students satisfaction. The design of this research was cross sectional study, which carried out in IPB campus, Darmaga-Bogor, West Java for six months since September 2006 to February 2007. Number of samples were 600 students. The result showed that the atributs which needed to be improve in input stage were curriculum appropriateness with the expected competency and system information of incoming students by IPB and department. Meanwhile, on process stage the main priorities to be improved were the appropriateness of material lecture with current condition, the examples used to explain the lecture material, method of delivering lecture material orally, audio-visual equipment, teacher’s effort to make learning process lively, the ease of students to write down and understanding the lecture material, the implementation of learning process evaluation, administrative services in preparation class, teachers and students interaction, grade Read the rest of this entry »

ABSTRACT. Consumer is the determinant factor for the quality of services. Students as the stakeholder of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) need to receive the best services. The aimed of this research were to analyze students’ satisfaction on dormitory in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and to identify strategy to improve students’ satisfaction. The design of this research was cross sectional study, which carried out in IPB campus, Darmaga-Bogor, West Java for six months since September 2006 to February 2007. Numbers of samples were 289 students. The result showed that the attributes needed to be improved at man’s dormitory were bath room, water availability, the adjustment program for new students, the material construction of dormitory program, the activity of Read the rest of this entry »